Battling Depression

//Battling Depression

Battling Depression

Depression is a debilitating disease. It’s a silent mental disorder which is not easy to recognise. The person on the outside might appear to be perfectly alright but on the inside they may be battling depression. The major reason why it’s not recognisable is that a person could be behaving normally. They might look happy but their feelings are in chaos. Recognising a person who suffers from depression is not easy but if you find someone showing the following symptoms, make sure you provide them with immediate help by referring them to a mental health service in Gold Coast.

  • While it is normal to feel sad, lonely and depressed at a time but to have these feelings on a constant basis could affect ones quality of life. A person who continuously suffers from all these feelings for prolonged periods might be battling depression.
  • If depression is left untreated it can last for months and it could only get worse with time. The right mental health services in Gold Coast could help you recognise the problems and then provide the necessary treatment for battling depression as well.
  • Symptoms would include having trouble concentrating, remembering things and feel anxious or depressed about small issues.
  • Feeling tired all the time. A person suffering from depression feels fatigued despite having a good night’s sleep.
  • Feeling guilty, useless and helpless all the time
  • Being irritable
  • Suffering from insomnia, sleeplessness, excessive sleepiness or getting up in the middle of the night and unable to get back to sleep.
  • Loss of interest in sex
  • Over eating or eating less than required
  • Aches and pains which become constant and do not go away despite treatment or medications
  • Suicidal thoughts

While suicidal thoughts might be a later stage of depression but these can manifest at any time. If you suffer from any of these issues or fear that a loved one might be suffering from depression, make sure to get immediate help.

The doctor might diagnose depression by taking a detailed history and talking about symptoms a person might be suffering from. Based on their findings the psychiatrist would then decide the proper mode of treatment for you.

People who suffer from depression might also be at a risk for suicide. Clinical depression often leads to suicide. One out ten individuals suffering from depression would attempt suicide. If you notice any of these symptoms make sure you refer them immediately to a psychiatrist.

  • Sudden mood swings or a complete shift in mood or attitude. The person who previously shows signs of being depressed now appears calm or looks extremely happy
  • They might start visiting relatives or chatting up with friends
  • They might suddenly devise a will
  • Constant talk about killing themselves

Keeping all the above things in mind and finding immediate help can actually help save a loved one’s life. Try to be compassionate and keep vigilant about people who you feel might be suffering from depression.

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