Hospital Emergency Trolley

//Hospital Emergency Trolley

Hospital Emergency Trolley

An emergency hospital trolley refers to a set of shelves and drawers on wheels. It is used for transportation and dispensing of emergency equipment in a medical facility. The trolley basically comprises of instruments which are used for cardiac resuscitation. These in turn function as a life support for the patient during a medical emergency.

The trolley was originally designed in 1965 to actually help improve the efficiency of doctors and nurses when they are attending to patients who are critical. These trolleys not only helped save time but could be used in any situation without difficulty. The wheels on the trolley make these easy to maneuver as well.

The contents on the trolley may vary from one medical situation to the other. Basically the following are placed on the emergency trolley. These include:

  • Monitors which measure the patient’s vitals
  • Defibrillators which are used to return the heart beat by giving an electric shock to the patient’s chest.
  • Life support drugs like atropine, amiodarone, lidocaine, sodium bicarbonate and dopamine
  • Intubating drugs
  • Pediatric equipment etc.

In a hospital when a person suffers from cardiac arrest or any other fatal emergency outside the emergency room, they have a special intercom codes for such a situation. Once the intercom is sounded the medical staff gets to the emergency situation along with their trolley and get to work. Everything on the trolley needs to be arranged perfectly.

A hospital emergency trolley should be durable yet lightweight at the same time. It is used to carry a myriad of lifesaving equipment. Any problem in maneuvering the trophy can be a cause of major concern. Most of the trolleys come with a fifth wheel. The fifth wheel makes it easy to transport the trolley from one place to another.

The trolley should be designed from sturdy material. It should be of adjustable height so as to serve the emergency purpose whenever required. The trolley should have ample space in its shelves to accommodate equipment like an oxygen cylinder cage, IV’s and any other medical equipment. The trolley is to be examined on a regular basis to check for any broken attachments. If there is a problem with any of the attachments on the trolley, it should be reported immediately to the maintenance staff.

The trolley comprises of several drawers each of which are labeled carefully. The labels help the staff know which equipment or drugs are contained within. Each of the shelves in the trolley carry different equipment. For example one shelf would be full of medical supplies like gloves and syringes while others comprise of medication and the rest for miscellaneous purpose.

When buying an emergency trolley care must be taken to purchase these from a well-known vendor. They should be well reputed and known for supplying quality medical equipment. While a medical trolley with all the extra features tend to cost a great deal more, it is often necessary based on the fact that these trolleys are actually used for saving lives. There are different types of hospital emergency trolleys, so make sure that you buy the right one for your medical facility.


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